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2021 Show Update


Hello show family,


I have a confession to make. No, maybe not the kind you’re thinking, but that I think that the things that I do today will guarantee the outcome for tomorrow. By itself the only thing that statement reflects is that I’m guilty of being human or if I may, being just like you.

Fortunately for us tomorrow’s arrival is not based on our preparation. If that were the case, how often would we be left stuck right where we are now? Thankfully tomorrow comes and we have new opportunities, which brings us right to where we need to be in order to make a decision about what to do today. With an endless list of safety protocols and nonstop recommendations it seems as though there is never going to be enough done to keep us all safe and healthy. I have believed since the beginning of all this that this community is most suited to handle this situation. We are teaching our children to prepare for tomorrow right? As an ag community that is our responsibility. Crop failures, animals that go lame or die, projects going over budget or time before they work out, these are all things we deal with on a daily basis. All the trials that we face are the very thing that we strengthen our children with. Why would this virus be any different?


There is a very simple explanation. We are told this is a pandemic which is simply just a word that tells us to live in fear. Fear of illness, failure, that if something bad happens it could be the fault of one individual doing wrong. Yes, it is true we all have personal accountability, but life will never allow us the opportunity to just wait until circumstances are suitable for a positive outcome. Again yes, we need to be aware of our circumstances, but we also need to move forward.


I mention all these things because they are all things that I have taken into consideration before making an official statement on behalf of your show board. There are innumerable other thoughts that could be said, but mentioning more wouldn’t be helpful at this time.


The official statement that needs to be made now is that; yes, we are going to have a 2021 stock show. I have personally visited with as many folks as I could concerning the things that have to do with stock shows and fairs. I have been assured at the local level, there won’t be additional rules or regulations put into place, that meaning anything above state and/or federal regulations. In my observation of prospect shows and current county fairs they seem to be running now without any complications. It’s really good to see folks getting out and doing what they love! Our goal as your BCJLHS Show board is to have a normal stock show and sale. Of course that said there may be a need to modify some parts of our event. We won’t know of those changes until we get a little further along, but be assured that we are already brainstorming ideas. My recommendation to you now is to move ahead with all of your projects. Do what you can to give your family the opportunities that you want them to have. We’re gonna do our part to make sure that our stock show is the biggest part of a successful 2021 year.


The rule book is available at bcjlhs.com or you can purchase a fancy color printed rule book at the extension office for $2. 


If you have any questions, please email me at bcjlhs.superintendent@yahoo.com 


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of BCJLHS

Mike Younts

Show Superintindent




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