Masks and Social Distancing must be followed during the sale

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WHEWWWW! It's been a great week here at the BCJLHS!!! We've finally made it to the end! A HUGE THANK YOU to our Board Members and volunteers who worked so hard to make sure we had a show during these uncertain times. And MANY CONGRATULATIONS to our exhibitors!!! You were AWESOME!!!

Here is the Special Sale Order. Please be sure to check to see what lot number you are. We will be live streaming the sale so you can watch from home and come to the Expo Center when we are getting close to your lot. It is recommended that you head to the expo when we are 20 lots ahead of your lot.

Join us for the Awards and Special Sale on our YouTube channel: Bee County Junior Livestock and Homemakers Show:

Be sure to subscribe to our channel. You can watch replays of the show and sale on our channel.

2021 Special Sale Cover Letter
2021 Special Sale Order

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