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January 2021 Message from the Superintendent

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Food Containers

will be for sale

at the

Extension Office

(210 E. Corpus Christi St.)

on the following


Tuesday,  January 19th

1:00 -5:00 p.m.


Thursday, January 21st

 1:00-5:00 p.m.

$3.00 each



Well, it seems as though, in spite of our best hopes, we will be working through Coronavirus during our stock show. All of my hopes were that this virus would be well behind us. Probably the hardest thing for me is trying to remember all of the opportunities that I have been given and realizing that though the future may be uncertain, I know that we all face it together.


This is usually the point where I attempt to say something profound regarding the stock show community, but today my thoughts include all of our local authorities. In a meeting the other day we were given over a hundred pages of recommendations for dealing with virus protocols. Wow! My first thought was ... how are we gonna ever get this done? Thankfully we haven’t been forced into enforcing each and every recommendation. Instead, we have been given the opportunity to move ahead with our show. Yes, we are going to follow the standards, masking, social distancing, and hand washing to name the most popular, but outside of that, we will have as normal an event as we can. The following are changes that we will be making to what we traditionally do or what is posted in the rule book:

NOTE: If changes are not noted here or in future correspondence, there are no changes

1. Commercial Heifer division will check in at the Horse arena on Wednesday between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. We will be having the sale for this division at the Expo center this year. (Not at Beeville Livestock commission as in past years). Be sure and let any buyers know that they will own any heifers that they have a winning bid for. This is NOT a premium sale. If you are competing in the commercial heifer division please refer to the commercial heifer tab on the BCJLHS webpage for a complete list of changes.


2. We will be having the premium sale Saturday as planned. We will stagger staging as much as possible to promote social distancing and overcrowding. We will assign a time slot for you based on your sale number and ask you to show up then. If you plan on bidding you may arrive anytime or you may make arrangements to bid by phone. (additional directions will come as we get closer to the date)


3. Setup and tear down for the entire show is being handled by volunteers. I would love to list all those working tirelessly but the list is too long for this page. PLEASE find the time to thank those workers, our county officials and your show board for the opportunities you have been given. If you would like to help with a specific job please email me at bcjlhs.superintendent@yahoo.com


4. You may remove your project from the premises 3 hours after Grand Champion is declared in that division. However, if you make the sale, you must enter the sale with your project or one that represents that division. You will not be allowed to walk the sale floor with a ribbon only.


5. You must clean your own stall area. If you are removing your animal early, you must clean your pen when you leave. Failure to clean your stall area could result in a fine as described in the rule book for skipping set up and or clean up days. Remember to be considerate to those exhibitors still showing or that have chosen to leave their project onsite.








The Bee County Junior Livestock & Homemakers Show Board


other volunteers are going to set up the event.  We feel that is is the best route

to follow to insure a safe

show for all

of our exhibitors & their families,



Annual Board Meeting

Monday, March 1, 2021

6:00 p.m.

at the

Bee County Expo

Show Barn

If you are interested in running for a board position on the board, this is the meeting to attend.

Please be sure to see the Passport App page for directions on how to connect the passport app to your exhibitor!!! It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you use the app to learn about any changes during the show!!! Please email:  bcjlhs.superintendent@yahoo.com  if you have any questions!

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