Commercial Heifer Division Updates


These updates replace all prior dates and times. Dates and times that are in the rule book have been modified to fit the new format.


1. The show has been moved to the Horse Arena at the Expo site

2. Check in time for heifer unloading and turning in record books will now be on Wednesday, January 27th from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

3. Judging of commercial heifers will happen on Thursday, January 28th. Interview times will be scheduled for after lunch unless prior arrangements have been made. (this should avoid conflict of time for the exhibitors, most have cattle that show in the morning)

4. The exhibitor will complete an information sheet for each pen designating the ear tag numbers of the animals and whether the heifers are open or bred.

5. You will NOT be allowed to personalize your pen until after judging of heifers is complete. After that we would encourage signage (at least your name) to help potential buyers and / or friends identity your pen.

6. You must furnish water and food containers in your pen. BCJLHS will put a temporary waterline close enough for you to drag a hose to fill your container.

7. Setup and removal of pens will be done by volunteers

8. No shavings will be allowed in the arena. We would ask that if there is an abundance of hay left over in your pen that it be removed after the completion of the sale

9. We will have the commercial heifer sale onsite at beginning at 6:00 pm on Friday, January 29th. Grand and reserve will sell first. This is an absolute auction; the pen will belong to the buyer. If you choose to make arrangements with a buyer to keep your animals, you must still pay the auction fee based on the last bid. 4%

10. All pens of heifers must be removed from the Expo center by Saturday night unless prior arrangements have been made with Mike Younts or Joel Saenz.

And finally, don’t forget your health papers! These must be included with your record book.