Young Feeders of BEE County


Participants who are 5-8 years old as of August 31st and enrolled in a public, private, or home school program, at the kindergarten through second grade levels, are eligible to participate in the Bee County Junior Livestock & Homemakers Show as a Pee Wee Exhibitor under Bee County Young Feeders (Livestock), Bee County Young Bakers & Crafter's (Homemaking) and Bee County Young Riders (Horse Show).  Pee Wee Exhibitors may not compete in the Bee County Junior Livestock & Homemakers Show as a Clover Kid under the Texas 4-H Program.

Pee Wee Exhibitors must:

  1.  Enroll as a Bee County Young Feeder (Livestock), Bee County Young Baker & Crafter's (Homemaking) and Bee County Young Rider (Horse Show) by contacting the Pee Wee Representative at

2.  Attend a Bee County Junior Livestock & Homemakers Show clinic sponsored by the Pee Wee Representative.

3.  Submit all required forms, including , but not limited to Receipt of Rules Notification & Consent to Reasonable Access (from rule book), entry forms, & exhibitor eligibility forms, to the Pee Wee Representatives by the requested deadlines.

Young Feeders, Young Bakers, & Young Riders are required to attend ONE of these meetings (in addition to any 4-H meeting that you may attend as a 4-H Clover Kid):


1.)  October 21th @ 6:00 pm at the Bee County Expo Center auditorium (This is a  county wide meeting for 4-H)in case any 4-H'ers have Homemaking specific questions & would like to attend) and young feeders/bakers/riders co hosted by the Homemaking Superintendent)

2.)  November 11th @ 6:00 pm at the  Blue Ribbon Country Store meeting room

bee county junior livestock show

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