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The Bee County Junior livestock and Homemakers show is always in need of volunteers.  There are many different committees that you can serve on.  If there is a committee that you would like to be a part of we would love to have you.  Please contact Kathy Ball if you are interested.  You can find her number by clicking HERE or by going to the JOIN page and filling out the contact form.



Volunteer Committee's


Budget Committee: *Mary Anne Linney & * Lori Kinkler,

Awards and Prizes Committee: *Katie Colvin, Kyler Wilson, Donk Auzston, & Lori Kinkler

Queen and Princess Contest Committee: *Tracey Perkins, 

Vendor Committee: *Landen Gulick & Randi Schauer 

Premium Sale Logistics Committee*Randi Schauer, Katie Colvin, Shambryn Huie, Lori Kinkler, &  Kathy Ball 

Hospitality Committee*Neta McMullen

Clean-Up Committee:  *TJ Roznovsky, Justin Cuellar & Stacie Yanta

Judges Committee: *Penny Green-Rios, Craig Becker, Neta McMullen, Josh Perkins, Kyler Wilson, Penny Green Rios, Tammy Hesseltine, Lori Kinkler, Brandon Haws, & Bruce Healy

Kick off event/BBQ Cook-off Committee: *Katie Colvin

Rules Committee: *Tracey Perkins, Mary Anne Linney Tammy Hesseltine, Penny Green Rios & Lori Kinkler

Scholarship Committee: *Tracey Perkins

Facility Committee: *

Security Committee: *Stacie Yanta, & Justin Cuellar 

Ag Mechanics Committee*Todd Fuller, Nathan Hosea, Landen Gulick, & Mark Roznovsky

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